Tuesday, 10 April 2018


this week we are Learning to

Eva,s Treetop Festival

Eva,s Treetop Festival 
Eva seed to her safe my name is Eva wingding. I live at  in a tree-house. he seed i love you - my new diary drawing 


oh said Lily quickly stepping back. i'm sorry she glanced up and saw that it was angel Freya-the short  

a little adventure

awhina animation

you have to keep the space were you are because you have to be a tidy kiwi because that is what tidy kiwi do 

by Awhina.

Friday, 16 March 2018

year 5/6 camp

Year 5/6 CampOn Wednesday  the first day of camp.

we had to pack our bag and on Wednesday we had to take our big bag to the hall. Then when the ball rang all of the camp people had to came to the hall   then we had to go to the bag tent called the marquee and that were we have our morning tea and Lunch. we played kill zone then we had to came to the marquee for what we were doing then after that we came to have same lunch. After that we went to the pool’s then we came back to camp. Then we had dinner dinner was so nice we had spaghetti n bolin nads then we went in to room 8 7 6 class to which a move then same people went to sleep then after that we went to bed.   On Thursday
In the morning we went to jump jam then we had berkfest then we went to mr j then after that we went kiak then we came back to have lunch then we went to pool’s then we went to came to have dinner then we brush our teeth  then we went to bed. On friday We went to Mangere pools for the hool day it was so so fun we went to the bombing pool everyone thought that i was going to drane it was fun then we went to the hall to go and watch a little move when we have brkfest is soso nice. Then we went home went i went out of the gate my mum took as to have same ice-cream it was nice. Me my carzen and my brother came.

Friday, 2 March 2018


Today was meant to be the school picnic but  sadly it was raining which mean we couldn't go to the school picnic. Miss West had pack her hat and  sunblock and towel.hopefully we will get to go on a nice day same time.

we had to go in to pairs  i had to go with kalopa we had to go to the TV and see what Miss west wrote on the TV went we see what on the TV we have to talk about what was on the TV.

Friday, 23 February 2018


human knot!

Untie the human knot!

3. Start writing here:

wIn the morning room 9&10 went outside to play a fun game fist..
we got into team’s i was with orange team it was so fun.
We had to taggel our partner up we went on the field to play the game.
We played the game with miss West and mrs Moala. Then after that we went inside
we writing about wote we done outside.  

all about me

Kia ora. My name is Awhina. I'm a year 5 and my teachers are Mrs Moala and Miss West.
I enjoy maths. My favourite thing is netball. my favourite food is  spaghetti bolinnad.
On the weekend I like to go to the pool. I like going to sever-pack.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Thursday, 15 February 2018


R-E-S-P-E-C-T… What does it mean to be respectful.

One way is by showing respect. Respect is a way to show kindness and making sure you don’t leave anyone out.

Another way to show respect. Be Focus on your Learning and making Sure you want to be in writing you  don't let anybody copy you.

Another way to show respect. If someone is  you came be the best you can be.

If there is Rubbish left Lying around u don’t Walk past it u pack it up so that your Place don’t got messy.

Thursday, 8 February 2018