Friday, 3 November 2017


After assembly the pav done a clip champ we sat in aware group we side aware mihi.  

Monday, 30 October 2017


What’s the time Mr Wolf

What’s the time Mr Wolf?
Screen Shot 2017-10-29 at 8.15.11 PM.pngAs we were listening to Mr Moran for instructions to play  what’s the time Mr wolf we all talked and then Mr Moran said we are going to play what’s the time Mr wolf, right after  He said that we went all crazy so Mr Moran calmed us down  so then he put us in 2 lines, a boy line and a girl line. And then we started. What’s the time Mr wolf 2:00  and nobody was out the first round but what about the round let’s find out right now  what’s the time Mr wolf 9:00 and precious and j ayah were out now it is round three. what’s the time Mr wolf 4:30 me trio precious and Michel was out last round  what’s the time Mr wolf 3:00 everybody was out.

Friday, 27 October 2017

Sprint Track

Sprint Track
Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 8.30.02 PM.png
P1 Good morning have you ever gone outside at your school just to have a run around the field?. Well my class have we just did it this morning so we lined up outside in two lines boy and girl and we sneak fully and silently walked to the side of the field near the race lines. We sat down on the concrete.

half of the girl's stood up and lined up to race and I was in the race I had butterflies in my tummy. When mr moran used this snappy thingy so they can run they all run in a hurry and the top four had to stay with miss moala. Then the rest of the girls lined up to race then mr moran with his crocodile mouth went TING,TING,TING,TING,TING and then the girl’s ran then miss moala picked the top four.

After the girl’s ran the boys ran but all of the boys ran. Mr moran with his crocodile mouth the boys went fast then miss. Moala picked the top four.

Top four boy’s and girl’s race each other and then they were like steaming they were run so fast as fast as fast could be. Mr moran said “pick four people “ so Miss.moala did and they had to race again.


After that Mr Moran said “you are not sprinting you are doing a crab race” everybody was like ha . They did not now what crab racing was you have to lay on your back and use your hands and feet to move so Mr Moran was like “ I am going to do it with you.” but when the crocodile mouth went CRUNCH Mr Moran did not win John did but it was so funny. Start your writing here: First Some of us took our  socks off and shoes on. People were excited but not me, I had Butterflies in my stomach Because I was not feeling too well in the start. When we got there we went past room 15 and sat down. 1 one line of the boys at the back and 1 line of the girls at the front. Than our teachers told us what to do. They were telling like a tutorial what's gonna happen and the instructions of course no cheating we all know that right? They said whoever gets to Miss Moala gets to go to the Semi-final. Like that is not me. But he said when to snaps the wood I don’t know what that is the thing we have to go. I was being patient but not that beautiful and sitting down on the concrete because it was so cold and hard as metal. I was sitting down with my butt not on the concrete and folding my legs because they were cold even though I was wearing pants. It was so cold that all the breezing wind came too me. Like not it is so not fair, Anyways they were done chatting then we moved to the running!

They were done talking Then the Girls went first because boy has to be gentleman, I was thinking who might of came first like all the girls are fast. They were sprinting like flash and it was like a wolf from 3 little pigs blowing them off to the end like they were so fast. Like I was so impressed that they are better than just because I don’t run and train. All the boys were thinking who was gonna win and we were saying woah, It was embarrassing ;-;. Then the girls were finished running it was so cool! That was the most fun I had watching tv even though it not a tv I just said that because I hate watching tv shows.The next row went to run of “girls”, They were looked  fast! Like they were like so ready and they  were focused on watching them like really they ran fast as a flash and went to the end while that there was people talking next to me so I just ignored it and focused on watching. Then they were done like in my mind I was like “wow nice!” . They were fast!

Next it was the boys went but it was like the opposite way around so I had to go vs all the fast boys like really, I have no idea what I came but I did not win and they were too fast. But I tried my best and my feet felt like watermelon juice that it was so cold,also my feet were like playing cold potato. But it did not smell that good. When I was running I was like putting my hands on my back I don’t know why like really and when we started he told us what to do when he does the thing  we go and when he did it to just show us we actually went and I was like “what!”. Anyway it was not the real one and then some people went to early so we restarted and he said ready set GO! And we all went at the same time. I saw a person who was all the way in the front of us like really then I lost and walked back but I was happy because I did not wanna run there anyway. Next it was the next row I was thinking who was gonna win like I think it is I don’t know and I was like so bad at running compared to them. I was watching and 2 people was at the back and they were a tie then he ran faster and beat him, Well who cares it’s it is just a game and they were speeding through us. Then they were done.

Than finally the finale all the people to went top 4 went there and I was so satisfied about it went to the race track but first girls again they were fast. It was so cool that they were so fast.  Then it was the boys they got the serious face on and looking mad to win the race they were so focused that I was saying in the mind why are they so focused? Then they went like really fast and like wow it like they are the most fastest people on earth. They were done on the track. Then something crazy happened Mr Moran is gonna join in and said we have to do a wheelbarrow thing like I was focused on watching and Mr Moran does not count plus it started and Miss Moala went closer and Mr Moran was so fast at that like wow but they were so impressive on doing that it is not easy for me because I can't even do a bridge Then they were done.

When they were done We sat on the concrete and waited for a while then standed up and walked beautifully through the classes. Then we took of our shoes on just left our feet wear nothing and sat on the mat. We waited and did our work silently and went on the tables.

Immersion Assembly

Immersion Assembly

In the morning the pav is about to go to assembly when we got there we were just waiting for all the other classes. after me and my class were waiting  well we were waiting we saw Mr Jacobson in a t shirt that had Abbas on it. After that all the other classes were here. So the assembly started. When Mr Burt started talking he said for this theme for this term is MUSICAL madness!!! So when i heard that i was so excited for this term because it is about MUSIC. And in my head i was thinking we are going to making our own music. After that Mr Burt and all the other associate principals were in a band and the song they were singing was musical madness and that is a song that has been made up by the principals. Next Mr Jacobson was talking and he was talking about  the Scotland pipe and drums championship . and Mr j grandpa and grandma were  Scottish so Mr Jacobson is half Scottish so Mr j showed us a video of the Scotland pipe and drums championship and Mr Jacobson cousin was in it. After that the assembly ended so they put some music on and all the classes went back to class.  

Tuesday, 26 September 2017


We will talk about how we are going to craft this paragraph together.


On my plate is a delicious sandwich ready for me to eat.  Filled with chicken and salad, the sandwich melts in my mouth.  The sandwich is sitting in my lunchbox waiting for me to eat.

Start your writing here:
In the olden days there was no sports to play so people thought they can make netball to girls boys Women and men netball is  just for girls. The olden day ball they use to play with for netball was soft and the Clorox was brown in olden days they use to call Netball Women Basketball. Netball is so so fun to play because the skills you can do is jump move and snatch the ball off the other team you are play unless you had the ball first.   
Netball is a sport that was played in the olden days, everyone enjoys playing this sport.

Wk 3 Silent Reading #1

today  am reading how i alienated my grandma   Michael  went to bill's old farm then a lot wide hit there faces then they saw a  stone path so  they went there bill was cried  and toad a story and he fade out that his  grandma is not a alien.

Monday, 25 September 2017


The Moon was probably made 4.5 billion years ago. When a large object hit the earth and blasted out rocks that came together. To orbit around the earth. The Moon is much smaller than the earth. It is airless, waterless and lifeless. The gravity of the moon causes to high tides on earth every day. The first person to walk on the moon was the American astronaut Neil Armstrong. He stepped out of his spacecraft. The Eagle on the 21st of July 1965 and said these famous words. That one small step for man giant leap for mankind.  

chapter 2

chapter 2 getting a head, As Sir Gerry told every one to get ready for Jousting class Merek nudged Brin  as brin acted as if she was sick. They head on to find helmets, on the shelf there were helmets lined up  in diffrent shapes and sizes although the only thing that was the same between all of them was that they had feathers on top of and most of them had bumps and dents and some had arrows in the helmet

wk 1

Today i'm reading about a book called dragon Knight. Chapter one ,dead end or dragon den, as a shape shifting boy named Merek, Merek shape shifted into a dragon when he knew he wasn't aloud because hes three rules are not shape shift into a dragon unless needed.2. be very careful wen in dragon form.3. never ever hide in a cave. he knew he was breaking a rule cause he was in a cave.

yo yo

The yo yo was made in ancient times. It is used to do tricks and have fun with your friends. There are different types that do different things.  sometimes people would even use a yoyo as a weapon, and it would be used as a ranged weapon because of it's string.

awhina silent reading

it all started one peaceful evening. . . . i was dusting my bookcase at home, happy as a mouse in a vat of fondue. i had finally decided to tidy up the shelves where i keep the special first editions of all the books i written but i hadn't cleaned in such a long time that thick cloud of dust formed around my head. Rats! i began to sneeze like crazy.ACHOO! ACHOO! AAAAAACHOO!'' Oops, i'm sorry---i haven't introduced myself! my name is Stilton, Geronimo Stilton i run the Rodent Gazette the most famouse newspaper.


Screenshot 2017-09-22 at 10.56.46.png

for writing today i created a planet with a pencil and a pastel it took pretty long because everyone was fighting over the pastels but luckily i completed my planet.   My planet is called death tron it's a  scaring planet you can see that it has monsters with one big arm and one small arm. The big arm is with the hammer and the chainsaw.The little arm is with the the knife or the hammer. The green water is acid its like a acid beach it can really poison you it can burn you down. The red stuff on the other side is blood you do not want to go in it. Lt is disgusting it taste gross smells gross even the monsters smell gross and it's not even from the blood or the acid.

Magic Number

Friday, 22 September 2017

wk 9 Magic number

My what if planet!

My what if planet!

Screenshot 2017-09-22 at 10.56.46.png

For writing today i created a planet with a pencil and pastel it took pretty long because everyone was fighting over the pastels i was luckily i completed my what if planet.My planet is called death tron it's is a scaring planet. You can see that it has monsters with one big arm and one small arm. The big arm is with the hammer and the chainsaw.He little arm is with the the knife or the hammer. The green water is acid its like a acid beach it can really poison you it can burn you down. The red stuff on the other side is blood you do not want to go in it. It is disgusting it taste gross smells gross even the monsters smell gross and it's not even from the blood or the acid.


today I am reading Johnny catbiscuit to the rescue! and wean he got home he got scared so wean got to him he said I am sorry then he took one of the anumise  

wk 9

i am page 22 on the hunt for the golden book. i sighed a love Grandfather i did-int  think you were the romantic type. i picked up the phone and handed it to him Go ahead, call countess Lola! Invite her out to dinner, and send her  a bouquet of Yellow roses, the colour of cheese . . . or tiny chocolate-covered cheeses in a heart-shape box . . . . you could even add a nice romantic note tell her you've always loved her. . . .my Grandfather  moaned no no no, i cant  what if i get rejected again? you have to help impress her with this.

Friday, 8 September 2017

my rocket ship

Screenshot 2017-08-28 at 9.38.15 AM.png

At the bottom of the rocket ship there is a booster. That makes the powers of lightning come out and it also makes it launch into space. The colors of the rocket ship is blue red orange and yellow. In the middle of the spaceship there is glass so people can see where they are going in space. On the top of the spaceship there is a red shelter. It  so if you are in a rocket ship and  you really need to help you can go to another place to live.

When i walk to the rocket ship there is a really cool lift holder.That can lift you up and drag you into the rocket ship.I also have a remote control. that you can move wherever you want.Once i have come into the rocket ship i use my remote to put on my astronaut suit. When i’m in the rocket ship the booster starts and then it starts counting up to 5 and then when it gets to 0 that’s when the rocket ship blasted of slow and then it goes faster and then it blasted off into space.

I would go back to Earth Because it's my Planet and it has air and I would have a drink because I will be.Very.Very.Thirsty and tired and I would have a rest.Then I would go to the park and. I would do the spider on latisha and me and phoenix will just play by our Self on the flying fox. And me and her can just do the spider when we want to.And i can just keep on doing the spider on latisha.But when latisha cries then we said sorry so we let her just play on the flying fox until she stops crying.So we just give her a turn.But latisha does the spider on me and Phoenix.So we will let her.When the bell rings then phoenix .Puts it in the middle.


Term 3 Animation Voice-over.

Monday, 21 August 2017

The Phases of the Moon

The Phases of the Moon

Write the story into this Doc, the one you just did in your book.

Start your writing here:

The amount of the moon that you can see from earth.

Depends on how Mack of it that is the tag by the sun.

This amount changes each day the phases of the moon depends position thin red biting the sun and earth

As the moon wave it;s way around we see the bright parts of the surface at different days.

These are phases of the moon it took 29 days to orbit thin.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

the frog

The Frog

Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 8.15.36 AM.png
Start your writing here:

There is a slimy green frog it his a tan out so it code seek to  eat the cricket the frog has big wide eyes and legs. IT looks like like that the frog is  going to fall off the tree the small cricket is floating on a leaf.

Friday, 16 June 2017

kite day

We made aware kite out of paper and straw then we made a howl

In the paper with a scissors and we used Atalanta and we punted string at the end and  A fade that  we went outside to fly them outside.